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Sword: Frontiers is my first project, I want you to told me what aspects of the game should I improve. This is not the final version, is a playable test of the game I want to do. Hope you enjoy!

In the universe of SWORD you are the only one who survived to the unknown magic spell of the traitor, the previous king's hand. Your mission is to save the kingdom destroying the center of the spell, in the column of the square, just hitting the column you can enter to the kingdom and pass all the scenes killing the enchanted soldiers. You will use different swords, each one with different abilities (pressing the 'E' key) to overcome the challenges.

Why is my game 1.3 gigabytes?

Because have a lot of content! The enemies, the scenes, the background, the music, the menus, the weapons, the items. Yes, is under development but is very cool play it! I am working to finish the project completely, don't worry!

I am spanish, sorry for the bad english. I just want to clarify that this project is still in progress and I will be working in your suggestions. Just e-mail me at swordfrontiers@gmail.com or contact me via Twitter (@FrontiersSword).

Thank you so much, I hope you enjoy the game.


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Hello, I was a little skeptical because of the download size but I finally played the game and wanted to give some feedback. 

  • If possible, you should reduce the size of the game, at least for the demo. 
  • I get the vibes that the game is inspired a little from Dark Souls in terms of mechanics (dodge / attack). I am sure you will improve the mechanics since this is an early test.
  • The game is very hard, I died a lot at the third running enemy. Maybe lowering the difficulty for the demo would result people to see more mechanics before giving up.
  • Dodging feels useless since it wastes stamina and it is more efficient to just walk out of the enemy attacks. Maybe if stamina recharged slowly over time, dodging would be used  without hindering our attack ability.
  • Enemies should do more stuff than just walking to you and attacking.
  • I like the visuals & effects. More variety for the environments would be cool.

Although they need a lot of improvement, I enjoyed the gameplay elements, it was promising. I wish you success!

Hello, thanks for your review! It is so true that at the beginning of the game dodge results useless, but it is very important later. You're right, I am a great fan of Dark Souls and my project is a little inspired on it, it is difficult and sometimes heavy to play, I know. Because of this I made this video, I know no everybody is going to see but I show the basics of the game.

I still working in the enemies, but that's all I can do without money and still learning to programme. The enviroment will evolve with the scenes.

Thank you very much for playing SWORD and thank you for this review! It was a pleasure!